How Does The Coal Washing Equipment Wash Coal?

May. 10, 2021

How Does The Coal Washing Equipment Wash Coal?

Coal washing equipment is the general name of a set of mechanical assembly; a general discussion is a set of coal washing equipment composed of jigs, flotation machines, coal feeders, thickening tanks, crushers and other mechanical equipment. It has high-quality features such as high efficiency, high precision and high environmental protection.

How does the coal washing equipment wash coal? It is mainly through a series of small machinery such as a grading screen to separate the raw coal particles with different sizes, and then the large coal pieces are crushed by the crusher; the material crushing mainly uses mechanical methods, including crushing, splitting, breaking, crushing, grinding and so on. The main method is to use different physics from other substances.

Physical-chemical properties. In the coal preparation plant, the impurities mixed in the raw coal are removed by mechanical methods, and they are divided into products of different quality and specifications to meet the needs of different households. Some coal or gangue in the raw coal is sorted out and processed into bituminous coal and anthracite coal blocks burned in our homes. The powdered coal can be processed into coal slime or briquettes.

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