Can Coal Washing Be Done

Mar. 25, 2021

Can Coal Washing Be Done

Today, coal supplies one-third of the world's energy, and power generation accounts for 38%. In addition, the production processes and energy needs of industries such as steel, cement, fertilizer, pulp and paper all rely on coal. In view of the status of coal in the global energy framework and the reasonable environmental concerns associated with it, the technology for producing clean coal is essential to achieve efficient energy production and reduce environmental footprint. This is where coal washing comes in.

What is coal washing?

Depending on the quality of coal, coal needs to be "washed" with water and chemicals to remove sulfur and impurities before it can be burned in power plants. It is generally believed that coal washing or coal preparation is an effective method to get the most benefit from coal that has never been mined. On the other hand, this is a water-consuming process: usually, it takes 45 cubic meters of water to wash one ton of coal. With the tightening of environmental regulations, mechanized mining has increased the impurities in the raw coal, the output continues to soar, and the demand for improving the quality of coal continues to increase.

Coal from coal mine is a complex material mixture with multiple physical properties. In addition to coal itself, this mixture also contains rocks, sand and various minerals. Therefore, coal must be cleaned before being sold to consumers. The cleaning process includes a series of steps, and finally produces products that are particularly suitable for specific consumer needs. The earliest of these steps is crushing and sorting. These two processes can reduce coal to the form required by consumers.

The coal washing plant has improved the coal washing process and quality, thereby increasing the price. Coal washing technology also helps reduce emissions from combustion.

Reduce water and energy-intensive coal production

The coal washing program includes factory installation and independent modules to optimize beneficiation capacity. In other words, this means technologies that can maximize ore recovery rates while using less water, energy, or other consumables in the process.

Another important feature is water conservation. By enhancing water conservation, zero discharge of wastewater, and reducing carbon emissions, this solution helps to achieve a more sustainable process.

More sustainable processes help reduce operating costs

Sustainability and cost/operating efficiency can and should go hand in hand. The coal washing solution is designed to meet our customers' needs for greater flexibility and efficiency in terms of sustainability. Modularity makes the solution highly scalable to meet the needs of individual customers. When transporting equipment to remote locations with minimal infrastructure, it is particularly beneficial to have a compact and portable solution, as more and more coal producers are doing this kind of work.

Work together to innovate and create a more efficient tomorrow

Since the use of coal will continue to be large in the future, governments and industries all need to make greater efforts to develop environmentally and socially more sustainable and effective technologies to ensure that coal becomes a much cleaner energy.

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